submerging-04-20191205-2“Released in 2020, Issue 4 of Submerging comes saddle-stitched and wrapped in a sleek lavender pink cover that contains an exemplary collection of creative writing and ethereal photographs…Polaroid photographer Lisa Bocchini captures images that make you feel as if you woke up inside a dream, and they are thoughtfully interspersed throughout the issue. Submerging #4 is itself a dream.” – Gina Murrell, Razorcake

Essays by John Ross Bowie and Janet McNally; fiction by Abigail Beshkin and Brendan Kiernan; Poetry by Daniel Carter, Joe McPhee, and McClain Jeffrey Moredock; photography by Lisa Bocchini.

40 Pages (80# Gloss Text) + Color Cover (100# Gloss); saddle-stitched; 8.5″ x 5.5″. Limited edition of 150 copies, printed by Fireball in Philadelphia.

Photo: Lisa Bocchini