Submerging is a zine/chapbook featuring personal essays, fiction, poetry, and photography.

Reviews of Submerging

“…an experience of harmonious, uninterrupted reading and appreciation. Each story and poem shares in a collective sense of uncertainty. You know where your characters are in their individual stories, but you do not necessarily know where their stories may lead.” – Rachael Bindas, The Holiday Cafe

“By disregarding grammatical and even structural conventions, Submerging’s essays are all told in ‘the wrong way,’ which goes a long way in explaining why they’re so effective in drawing you into topics so easily misunderstood. – I. Rattan, Broken Pencil

“Trust me, it’s absolutely refreshing.” – Daniel Peralta, Syndicated Zine Reviews

“If you’re looking for a literature zine with a taste of photography to check out – or maybe even submit to – then this is a zine to have a look at.” – Sea Green Zines

“It is really gorgeous; there’s glossy cardstock paper that feels good in your hands, and the writing’s surprisingly compelling…Clean, clear, crisp layout; everything in the right place.” – Xerography Debt